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Our Dedicated Team Members


JoAnn Difede, PhD, Director
Margaret Altemus, MD
Mary Denise Cancellare, PhD
Gabrielle Chiaramonte, PhD, Voluntary Faculty
Judith Cukor, PhD
Susan Evans, PhD
Nimali Jayasinghe, PhD
Pam Leck, PhD, Voluntary Faculty
Francis Lee, MD, PhD
Loretta Malta, PhD, Voluntary Faculty
Mary-Jane Ojie, PhD
Megan Olden, PhD
Melissa Peskin, PhD
Jennifer Roberts, PhD, Voluntary Faculty
Amy Rubenstein, PhD, Voluntary Faculty
Katarzyna Wyka, PhD, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry


Lucy Finkelstein-Fox, Research Assistant


Emily Ramdhany
Hal Rives
Ariella Freedman
Crystal Gehr
Jenny Payne

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